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PSYCHIC LOTTO is not like the other sites that offer to let your computer pick random numbers for you and let you think it has something to do with supernatural forces. This is not a random number quickpick type of number picker that is offered by the others, if you want a quickpick ticket, go down to your local lottery retailer and wave goodbye to your dollar. Would you trust a machine to pick a random number over your own built in intuition?


Many people conjure up spooky images of scary looking old women dressed in rags and gazing at crystal balls when they hear the word psychic. That might be just what you'll find at a carnival sideshow or the state fair but does not represent the true meaning of psychic at all, in fact, couldn't be further from the truth.

Psychics come from all walks of life, from your neighbor to perhaps even your own boss or even yourself and you just don't recognize it. Have you ever had one of those "intuitive" moments? Well there you have it, you're psychic. Everyone gets a gut feeling about certain things in their lives or even claim that someone they know is very "intuitive". Those things are psychic connections people. It is connecting to energy that surrounds all of us and connects all of us and you can use this very energy to benefit yourself and others to make the world better for everyone. There is a wealth of information out there on the topic, seek it out and you WILL benefit.

Even if you're not a big lottery player, you can test your psychic intuition by picking numbers here and then check to see if your numbers match online. You don't have to actually play the lottery if you don't want to but if your numbers are coming in, I would invest a buck or two.


When you pick your numbers on a lottery playslip you are asked to pick so many numbers out of the highest available number. First enter the highest available number into the number picker's red box. So if you're playing a 6/49 ticket, you would enter 49 in the box and click "START/CLEAR". When you click the start button, PSYCHIC LOTTO is programmed to count from one to whatever number is entered and then start at one again and keeps "looping". Now click on the "GET NUMBER" button 6 times to pick 6 numbers.

Now we have the frequency or speed setting. You can adjust the speed of the number picker starting at 0 which is the fastest setting, the picker starts automatically at 20 when the site loads. Set the picker at a speed that is designed for your own personal tastes. If you're not getting many numbers right then set the picker to a different speed setting. Also, some browsers and computers will run at different speeds, so experiment and see which is best according to your own needs, so you'll have to experiment. Google Chrome and IE seems to run the best and Firefox seems to stick or slow down a little bit, so try different browsers. I'm getting used to it myself, it's a brand new concept and may take some time. I noticed right away that my numbers were grouping much closer to the numbers that were coming in at the lottery office and then I actually started seeing an increase in hits. So give it time and you too will increase your chances of winning the lottery. I actually got the mega number right three times in the last month, and I only play one dollar per draw, I am closing in for the kill.

How will you know when to click the stop button to get your numbers? Well, that's when your intuition and connecting to the electric universe comes in. There are many ways in which to connect and tune in to the forces of nature that will allow you to utilize these very forces to your advantage to pick winning lottery numbers. When you're tuned in and connected just let your inuition kick in and you will just have that intuitive feeling when to click that stop button. Then realign and click stop again for your next number and just keep going until you have the desired amount of numbers coresponding to the specific game you are playing. I'll explain more about connecting and tuning in.


You must first understand that the entire universe is filled with energy, it surrounds and permeates and connects every living thing together as one. Anyone can tap this unlimited energy and use it to connect themselves with not only other people, but every living thing as well. All psychics have learned to connect with this energy and utilize it to see things that they would otherwise never know. With the investment of a little time and some patients, you too will learn to focus and tune in to this unlimited supply of energy to advance in every aspect of your life.

There are some things you need to do before you will be able to connect to this energy and I am not going to dwell on them here but rather point you in the right direction so you can research them for yourself.

You are going to have to have at the very least a basic understanding of meditation and balancing your chakra energy centers. You will find a vast amount of information on different websites and youtube has an abundance of videos pertaining to these very subjects for free. I didn't have the massive resourses offered today on the internet when I started meditating and tuning in to the psychic energies, so it took more time for me than you will invest to achieve the same results. Don't get me wrong, this is not an overnight project although some of you may make an instant connection, you will "just know" when you have connected. So do your homework and check out some of the videos on youtube and the hundreds of other websites on developing your own psychic abilities.

There is also a moon phase module on the home page, pay attention to see when your numbers are coming in with the different phases of the moon. Perhaps you should keep a journal of when you are having the most success and focus on those periods.

My true intentions are to make the world more aware of the fact that psychic energy is real and everyone has the ability to utilize it in their own everyday lives for the betterment of humanity as a whole, which is the key to success. We have far too many greedy people on this planet already, make sure to help others and you will be blessed with good health and fortune in your own life. A good percentage of any donations made to this site will be donated to helping less fortunate people, so don't forget to donate to the site when you win or even before you win to charge your own energy.

Make sure you check out the other pages on the site and don't neglect the last page on "The law of attraction". Without a positive attitude, you will be destined for the same old day to day negativity that keeps your life in a stagnant nowhere.