Win The Lottery with Psychic Lotto

Psychic Lotto is engineered for you to use your own psychic abilities to pick winning lottery numbers by connecting through your computer to the electro-magnetic forces of nature that abound around all of us, everywhere, even throughout the cosmos. This is not another random number generator like the others offer. There is no other website like this one on the entire internet that lets you interact with your computer to pick winning lottery numbers.

So, think about it, isn't using your own built in intuition much better than quickpicks or just marking off any old number? You can also factor in the fun and excitement of testing your psychic senses, it's a win situation all the way around!

If you wish to become proficient at using the Psychic Lotto number picker, I would suggest reading the "About" page to find out exactly what you must do to achieve the intended results.

Instructions :

There is a new Mega Number Preset, it will appear at the top of the number picker when you click the start button. You can set it to any number you wish. Click on the input box you wish to be active while in play. Much better than resetting the value each time if you are picking multiple number groups.

1.) Choose to start the number picker at zero or one with the corresponding "0" and "1" to the left and right of the reset button. If your lottery has a zero, click the zero. Enter the highest number of the lottery game you are playing into the input box and click "START/CLEAR". For example, if you are playing a 6/49 game, you would enter 49 in the input box. The number picker will begin counting from one to the number you entered in the input box and then start over at one again. The counter will continue "looping" between one and the entered number until the "PICK NUMBER" button is clicked and then display the number the picker was on when you cliked it and continue looping till you select another number .

2.) Adjust the frequency of the number picker, the arrow keys in the "FREQUENCY" box is where you do this. If you don't see the arrows in the frequency box, your browser does not support HTML5 which is neccessary for this website. I would suggest using Google Chrome, it is fast and utilizes HTML5. Zero is the fastest and the higher the number in the FREQUENCY box, the slower the speed. The speed adjustment is there because different computers and browsers run at different speeds and must be adjusted accordingly. You also have a personal frequency that must be considered when picking numbers so play around with the timing untill you start getting numbers right then stick with that configuration. If you are using a browser other than Google Chrome, click in the frequency box and enter your speed in miliseconds. You may have to hold the left mouse button down while entering your speed, otherwise, use Google works much better!

3.) Connect and tune in to your own personal psychic frequency. Gaze into the box with the little blinking colored dots until you feel Mesmerized, you may need to lean away from your monitor for this to work. The blinking dots will appear to blur and then take on a motion effect, much like that of a hypnotist's spiral wheel or the lines on the highway that sometimes puts us in a trance state. When you are connected and tuned in, you will "feel" the time is right to select a number, click "GET NUMBER" and the number picker will display a number and continue looping so you can pick additional numbers. click the "START/CLEAR" button and the numbers you picked will be erased and the picker keeps on looping so you can pick additional sets of numbers without inputing the values again. If you wish to change the values, just use the little arrow buttons.

4.) Continue to connect and tune in for each number you pick, take your time, this is no game. Pick the desired amount of numbers corresponing to the particular lottery you are playing. If you are playing a game with a Mega number, click the Mega# Preset button to enter the new value and pick an additional number when you are ready. There you have it folks, winning numbers, compliments of Psychic Lotto and your very own intuition. You might tune in right away or it may take some time to start getting it down. Just keep trying and you will get there. You may want to instantly charge your personal energy with a donation to the site, I'll be sending good vibes to everyone that does. You'll see that it WILL make a difference. When you win, DONATE, and you'll keep winning!!!